Training to Become a Jungian Analyst

The Philadelphia Jung Institute is engaged in the selection and training of certified Jungian analysts in collaboration with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. Graduates of this program are eligible for membership in the International Association of Analytical Psychology, the international accrediting body of Jungian analysts and institutes.

The analytic training program consists of small colloquia devoted to the study of Jungian psychology, an in-depth training analysis, a symbolic approach to the psyche and the clinical practice of Jungian analysis. Large group lectures with visiting analysts and scholars worldwide are included in the training.

Candidates for training meet 13 hours per weekend during the two academic semesters and twice yearly at four-day IRSJA conferences. Rigorous evaluations, papers, clinical presentations and extensive supervision as well as written and oral examinations are all essential elements of the training process.

Prerequisites for applying for training are a minimum of 100 hours of personal analysis with a Jungian Analyst certified by IAAP and participation in the Philadelphia Jung Seminar for a minimum of six months. It is strongly recommended that prospective candidates participate in the seminar for at least one year before applying for training status. Seminar curricula can be found on the seminar page.

Admission to the training program is determined by analysts of the Philadelphia Jung Institute and a national committee of analysts from the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. FAQs About Jungian Studies and Training from the IRSJA website provides helpful information. Once accepted into the Analyst Training Program, training generally takes between five and eight years and expenses are conservatively estimated at $15,000 - $20,000 per year. Training expenses include individual Jungian analysis and supervision throughout training, local seminar or colloquium fees, books, and travel expenses.

More information can be found in the IRSJA Training Manual. The podcast, “This Jungian Life,” devoted an episode to outlining the prerequisites, practicalities and processes which lead up to and constitute Jungian analytic training. It is highly informative.

PAJA supports diversity, pledges equity and fosters inclusivity. We strive for personal and cultural sensitivity in all our endeavors. We encourage students of any race, color, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity and national or ethnic origin to participate in our programs.

For further information regarding training with the Philadelphia Jung Institute, please contact the Director of Training:

Joan Golden-Alexis, PhD
Phone: 646-229-0352

Philadelphia Jung Institute Academic Year Curricula

The analytic training program meets monthly all day Friday and Saturday. On Fridays, candidates for training meet in didactic and case colloquia according to the syllabus below. On Saturdays, candidates join the Philadelphia Jung Seminar for the Saturday lecture only. Consult the Seminar Curriculum for the Saturday lectures.

Seminar Syllabus

Prior Curricula